Geraldine ‘Snow’ Rivera is currently studying for her Master’s in Public Relations at Full Sail University. A graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Computer Animation, she has a passion for the arts, entertainment, and social media. Along with majoring in animation, she has a passion for world culture and languages; learning Japanese and German, as well as international business. She worked for the Walt Disney World Company in Central Florida for over ten years, and continues to be an avid Disney fan. She presently employed at Full Sail University, and is still passionate with the ever growing entertainment industry.

Her interest lies with all things “nerdy”, Japanese, anime, food, film and television, and Disney. She looks forward to growing and learning within the Public Relations field, and someday be a successful part of an ever evolving creative business. Her future goals look toward being able to work on an international level.